Moccasin Telegraph
First Post

Some of you by which I mean none of you may remember my old comedy blog Moccasin Telegraph. I got rid of that one because I thought that name was better for a shoe store than a comedy blog.  So now I have many blogs on tumblr each with a different theme. But this one is going to focus on CANADIAN VINTAGE CLOTHING FOR MEN THAT FIT TALLER MEN.  Basically my clothes and clothes in my style that I like find buy and offer for sale all here.  I will also be featuring some of my girlfriend’s expanding warehouse of vintage purses all purchased by her after thorough personal inspection.  We will be posting pictures of these items and as much information as possible about this.  We live in Ottawa, notorious for poor fashion, and in our opinion [having moved here from one of the nicest places on Earth, Victoria, both physically and personallly] filled with sour angry people with little to no aesthetic awareness.

I drink the workwear Kool-Aid, she is more concerned with cool items that can stand alone as vintage or that she can upgrade with various cool things e.g. embroidery, but the eventual goal is to sell this stuff in Ottawa and online so that we can live in accordance with our principles [earning a living practicing honest trade]. 

Basically men dress like shit.  And Canada is not ready or able to dress like some Italian count a la Sartorialist.  Canadians are value-oriented.  The key is showing the lasting value of quality products made by artisans in Canada (as much as possible).

My usual jeans are made in the US, as are my handmade moccassins from Arrow.  I didn’t realize that there were great workwear brands like Big B Brotherhood and Big Bill Workwear in Canada. I have some of their stuff including a great pair of logger jeans from Big B from the 70s.

So… forthcoming posts:

Big B logger Jeans

Big Bill 2 ply work jeans

Pointer Brand Chore Coat

Pointer Brand Fisher Stripe Pants

Pointer Brand Hickory Stripe Pants

MYNK handsewn jeans

Levis suede 501 belt

Beautiful sport coat from the 1970s